Anyone who saw a post a little while ago about my Zuca trolley case will know how excited I was to have it to carry my make-up kit around in.  Well we have a whole new level of excitement…….I’ve recently got the Zuca backpack for transporting my hair kit.

This wonderful creation has so many handy pockets for carrying brushes, combs and clips, along with a special heat resistant compartment for the styling tools.  Everything fits so perfectly and I spent a very happy couple of hours arranging and rearranging the bag so that all my essentials were perfectly organised and close to hand for when I needed them.


The backpack is not only the equivalent of a doctor’s bag but it is also helping my back out quite a lot……you see I have no problem bringing everything I could possible need to your bridal morning preps but my back unfortunately has other ideas!  It is amazing how many obstacles you come across when you are armed with 2 suitcases, a briefcase, a shoulder bag and a carry case.


But will be totally honest with all you lovely people, my main excitement is that my kit now matches……..and my love for Zuca grows even more………

Becci x