OK, most people might not get this, but I could not rip this cardboard box open fast enough when I got home for lunch today……………………..

I finally have a Zuca case!!!!!  I have spent 2 years telling myself that I don’t need one and my old make up case was adequate, until I reached a point and I simply couldn’t stop myself from purchasing.

Yes I do understand it is “only a type of suitcase” but to me it is so much more! Its the Rolls Royce, the vintage champagne, the Smeg fridge, the diamond encrusted Iphone version of the make up carriers……

I have had 2 happy hours tonight arranging (and rearranging) all my kit into it in different ways to see how I like it.  Seeing where I think things should go and then discovering even more pockets, its been heaven!


photo 2 (9)

photo 3 (1)



It will have its first wedding outing in 2 day’s time and I can’t wait!!

So here are a few features I love:

– It is super lightweight (which is a must! I have filled it with lots of things and if it was heavy to start with it would be hard work carrying it up and down stairs)

– It can all be cleaned (Make up sometimes spills, no matter how many times you check the lids are on properly!)

– It looks super cool

– You can carry other bags on top (I carry a full hair and make up kit, so this is invaluable)

– The top is designed to sit on (You would be surprised how often you have been stood for 5-6 hours only to find when you get 5 mins to sit down there is nowhere to sit)


It’s official!  I am a carry case geek!  But I don’t care, I am super excited to have this in my life!

Becci x

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