This week got me thinking………….

Last week I celebrated Styled by Becci turning 6 (oh my goodness where did that go!) and seeing people post pictures of their children on their first day back at school on social media got me thinking.  Time is precious, especially first thing on a morning.  We are all rushing to get everything done and get out of the door on time, all whilst trying to look presentable for the day ahead.

Now I am the first one to admit, I love a casual day where you can just tie your hair in a bobble and go make up free, but that just wouldn’t work for me on a daily basis so I have streamlined my morning make up routine and it can be done quickly….Which when I was sat flicking through Facebook at the back to school pictures I thought about all the mums (and dads) rushing around on a morning, surrendering their precious time so that their kids are looking presentable and ready for school, rather than giving themselves a few minutes to get ready.  So I decided to share some tips and tricks on doing your make up when time is precious.

Please excuse the photos…I did literally decide to write this blog and start doing my make up within minutes and I was in a rush to go to work so the photos were taken quickly and I can promise you I did only spend 8 minutes on it…….so lets get to it!

Here are my busy morning tips:

Firstly have a think about where in the house is best for you…..I actually quite often do my make up in my kitchen.  My kitchen has good natural light and I usually do my make up while I am waiting for the kettle to boil and my coffee cool enough to drink, plus I don’t have to worry about little people deciding my make up is a good toy!!  I understand that the kitchen might not be a good place to keep your make up if you do have little fingers around but it works for me and my time management.

My next trick is to make sure your make up bag isn’t cluttered!!  If you are like me and love make up, buying make up, experimenting with make up, that’s great but its best to make sure that your day to day make up bag is as streamlined as possible, you don’t want to be wasting time searching for things.  I literally just keep the only items I need for a morning and then sometimes mix up the colours and swap them around, leaving the rest of my make up stash for when I have more time.

Along the same lines I ensure that my brushes are organised and sorted so I am not searching for the ones I want.  I usually keep mine in a glass or container so I can easily grab the one I want.

My final tip, before I explain to you what I am currently using on a daily basis, is to keep it simple.  When time is at a premium make sure you feel confident with what you are using and don’t go over the top.  The last thing you want is to decide you don’t like the look you have achieved, that will not give you the confidence boost for the day ahead.

So, onto what I have used:

Smash Box Photo Finish Primer – I have used this primer for as long as I can remember, so its like a good old comfort blanket for me.

IT Cosmetics  CC Cream – You will have seen on previous posts I am totally in love with this product at the moment.  It gives a beautiful glowing finish and it contains an SPF50.

IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye – Concealers are something that I swap and change quite a lot but this week I am using this one.  It is a fairly heavy concealer but I was trying to cover up some fairly hard core pimples so it was needed!


Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Finish Powder – This is another love of mine, as you can see the hole is getting bigger!  It does exactly what it says, gives a flawless finish!

Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look In A Palette – I had this for a little while before I started using it, it was so pretty I didn’t want to ruin it.  My plan had been to save it for when I was going away but that plan went out of the window after the first time I used it.  It is so simple and it cuts down on having different products in your make up bag, so is an excellent morning pallet.  It couldn’t be any simpler, each product is numbered and tells you where to use them.  If you want to treat yourself to a good all round product this is what you need.

IT Cosmetics Superhero – I picked this up when I was in Selfridges, perusing the counter.  I had high hopes for it as I have always loved everything from this brand but I was a little disappointed.  It goes on very thick and lumpy but as it was the one on the table and I was rushing I used it (I should have followed my own advice and been more organised!)

Charlotte Tilbury Brow Lift – This double ended brow pencil is very quick and easy to use, a perfect morning tool.

Urban Decay Wired Lipstick in Shade Wired – OK so I don’t usually wear this type of colour lipstick for work but as I had recently purchased it I wanted to test it out (more of that on a later post). So this wasn’t a usual thing for me but I do like the colour and why not add a little colour every now and then!  I teamed it with the Urban Decay 24/7 glide on lip pencil in the shade ‘Snitch’.

The brushes I used were from Body Shop and Real Techniques 


So there you have it!  It is achievable to produce a make up look in a very short space of time.  From start to finish it took me 8 minutes and 21 seconds!  And once again, please excuse the photos of the finished look, I was in a dash to get out to my first client.


Becci x

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