When it comes to makeup, hair care, skin care or basically any type of beauty product,  I am like a kid in a candy store!  I love nothing more than looking at products and event better, trying them out.

When my recent MAC order arrived it was no exception.  With some items to replace ones running low, others were new colours or products I hadn’t tried, so I thought I would share a few things that came in my order.

Face and Body Foundation

I was running low on these colours and this was a definite must re-order product!  I love how it sits on the skin and how lightweight it feels……..my lovely brides also seem to agree.

Bronzing Powder

This is a new item to my kit……I purchased the product quite a while ago for myself and after using it a couple of times it went to the back of the drawer (I clearly didn’t give it enough of a chance!)  Anyway, when I was having a little sort out I came across it again and decided to give it another go.  I was really, really impressed with how well it went onto the skin and how easy it was to blend.  The shade I have gives me a super natural glow and a very subtle contour.  As I was so impressed I decided it was a good product to have in stock for the paler ladies amongst us who only want a very natural glow and we shall see from there…..we may see more shades making their way into my kit.

Brush 205

I do not know where I would be without this brush…………It is a definite kit must have of mine.  I use it after I have applied mascara to my client to fan the lashes and remove any excess product – it is just wonderful!!  I decided I needed another to save me alittle time cleaning in between clients (anyone who has seen me in action at a bridal prep will know how time concious I am!)

Burgundy Times 9

Although Summer is in full swing (I stupidly forgot to apply sun lotion to my back when I met a friend for a coffee and now I am suffering!) I saw these colours and instantly thought of Autumn and Winter…..these shades could be used any time of the year.  I just personally love the warmth of them and think they will be perfect for autumn and winter weddings.


I already have these in a selection of shades and they are just dreamy!  I love using them for both just a little hint of shimmer and also full on glitter.  I either apply them as they are or mix them to create a more intense finish, so for me no MAC order would be complete without picking up a new shade or two.  This time I opted for Rose Gold and Melon, I think Melon could a be a new fav for me.

A lot of you lovely ladies love to see my kit and regularly ask me questions about the items I use, so if you are interested I will write you gorgeous lot some blog posts about the items in my kit.  Please let me know if this is something that would interest you.

Becci x

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