Have I ever mentioned how much I love products??????  I seem to spend my life reading review, after review, after review – and its blooming great!!!  From the good to the bad…….the bad ones tend to be very funny!!

So I decided to try something from a review and what can I say, I was nervous……mainly because it was a brand new but also because it was from a brand that I had a genuine fear from ( this relates to their fashion line)

I have always looked at TopShop from afar and have always had a love/hate relationship going on…..I mean I am not a 6ft, size 8, trendy thing, which is what you would expect the typical top shopper to be but I have always loved the style, I mean who the hell wouldn’t!

And that is how the Lip Bullets came into my life and, well, are you ready 🙂

I BLOODY LOVED THEM……..when I opened them I thought they would be drying on the lip so I was very concious about where to test them.

When I finally got to putting the product on my lip I was very surprised, they were nourishing.  They applied to the lip like an old favourite and best of all looked amazing!  From perfect beige nudes to statement purple these bullets have got me wanting more.  I did lots of tests and even after food they stood the test of time!

I kinda feel that I have been too scared of TopShop for too long and maybe I should get over myself.  Their makeup is clearly one to watch!  My one fault – the lids.  They just need a bombproof lid to withstand rattling around in my handbag, not an issue for your evening clutch but day to day can be an issue.

So would I buy this product again and recommend it to brides???  Well, Hell Yes!!  It lasts, its creamy and its not going to break the wedding budget (£8!!!)…..Excuse me while I get down with the trendy people and give TopShop another good go!!!  See you on the other side!!!

Becci x


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