Way back when I was a stroppy, 13yr old teenager I decided I wanted to become a hairdresser. Anyone that knows me will know that if I decide I want to do something I will do it, no matter what…hence why I am here today doing exactly that!

I could not get out of school quick enough after my exams had finished. All I wanted to do was become a hairdresser! It obviously didn’t happen that quickly, but for me, the perfect route into the industry was through an apprenticeship. This is where I learnt so many valuable skills. Not just the practical ones but also how to interact with people and learn how to achieve the vision your client has in their head.

In 2011 it was time for me to spread my wings a little further and I stepped into the world of self-employment, working on a freelance basis (I hate the term mobile hairdresser, but that’s just me and my quirky little ways!) This was where, for me, the love of the industry happened! In my job you really are blessed to be able to build good relationships with regular clients, some of which I have had for over a decade. Which means everyday my working hours consist of going to see friends!

As my life and career have evolved, I am now able to split my time between freelance and working within a salon in my home town on a rent a chair basis. This has been a brilliant way for me to offer my clients different options to suit them and also helps with my work life balance – more choices all round which can only be a bonus I say!

I’m sure I am likely to be repeating myself but one thing that is so important to me is training! One of my favourite sayings is: ‘If you reach a point where you think you know everything about a subject then it is the time to give up’. For that reason over the years I have undergone a large amount of additional training including hair extensions, keratin treatments, styling courses and, one which was a particular highlight for me, was successfully completing the ‘Wella Masters Colour Award’, which is one of the industry leading colour qualifications.

I am always looking at what additional courses and training to do next, in order to offer my clients the best possible service and results, so watch this space!

If you live in or around Wensleydale please feel free to get in contact if you wish to discuss how I can be of service.

Becci x