Firstly ‘Hi’ and welcome to my website. Thank you very much for stopping by, I hope you are enjoying taking a look around.
Now for a little bit of a disclaimer……as I hope you can tell from looking at my gallery. I love my job (I know that is what I am meant to say but I truly do mean that). I am in my happy place when armed with my scissors, make up brushes and combs – my happy place is not sitting writing about myself…..but for the sake of this I will make an exception! I will endeavour to give you a true and honest insight into how I got to where I am today and who the ‘Becci’ is that will turn up to your appointment.

I have worked in the Hair and Beauty industry since leaving school over 12 years ago. In 2011 I set up StyledbyBecci. I did this to further my career and focus on the type of work that really interested me, weddings and occasions.  I am now extremely lucky to have regular clients with whom I carry out hairdressing, nail and beauty treatments plus numerous weddings and special events. This gives me a really nice balance of building up lovely relationships with regular clients and meeting new people all the time.

So what would you like to know about me?? Probably not that I enjoy a glass of prosecco, knitting and a rom-com film on Netflix in my down time, but more the personality traits I will bring to your wedding, occasion or hairdressing appointment. My absolute bug bear is time keeping….if I’m not 10 minutes early I class that as being late. Plus when I work out timings for a wedding morning I always like to allow extra time, I can be a little bit strict about sticking to timings. I am VERY chatty, I do honestly believe one of my special talents is being able to talk to anyone for a long time about something I know nothing about. This means I slip very easily into whatever situation and surroundings that I need to. Although I am very chatty my years of experience working both in a salon and freelance has taught me to listen to the clients, pick up when they don’t want to chat and in those situations I just talk to myself in my head (everyone does that don’t they???).

I do have some slightly bad habits (I prefer to think of them are quirks!) I am quit messy….I will end up filling whatever space I am given and the way I work is to get everything out so I can see everything. Having said that, and with this habit and constantly working in different and multi venues, I have had to learn to tidy up after myself! The second one I have come up with isn’t necessarily a bad habit, depending on which way you look at it, but I am a bit of an open book. I can’t hide my opinions very well, meaning if I really truly think something is a terrible idea it will most probably be written all over my face.

I hope I have given you an honest insight to me and my personality, after all I don’t want anyone to be disappointed when I arrive to your appointment. I always say I don’t want people thinking of me as a stranger! Oh, and just incase you did wonder….prosecco, knitting and a film is my prefect night!