This year I am a little sad to see the end of Prom Season.

Prom season can sometimes be a little bit stressful and usually very busy and as I have just come to the end of the 2017 season I can take a moment to reflect.  It has been very busy but also a lovely experience.

I have had the pleasure of meeting new clients and also catching up with existing ones and I can honestly say they have all been a dream.  It is so nice to see individual styles coming out through their dresses and their styling.

For one of the proms I was working on this year I had the girls come to me for their appointment and that day has to be one of the funniest days of work I have had in a long time.  Listening to their stories and realising I will never think it is OK to say ‘LOL’ as an actual word in a spoken sentence!

I would like to thank all my prom girls for being genuinely lovely and making my job extremely fun!  Here is a selection of photos from 2017, my only regret is not getting a photo with all the girls!

I really hope you all agree these girls all looked extremely stunning and elegant!  I am not sure I could look that elegant now, let alone when I was their age!

Occasion styling is something I love doing so if you have a big event coming up why not treat yourself.

Becci x

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